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Tricky Traps

  • 2011 -2016  / string / size variable – site specific  / Images by Kathy Holowko and Rebecca Rocks

Animals are part of the fabric that makes up the world that we live in. Often it is only the smallest, useful or most adaptable animals that can remain within the urban environment. Spiders are able to inhabit the spaces that are inaccessible and often invisible to us, revealing themselves in the artistry of their webs. Giovanni Aloi asks us, if the uniqueness of art is a human prerogative? The spider may not be inspired by aesthetics or narrative ideas, but creativity is definitly present which is the universal originator of art. Is it only humans that can creatively interpret their environment or is that an anthropocentric view that needs challenging? Finding new perspectives from which to understand life may radically change who we are, where we are going and who we are going there with, for global warming, environmental decay and mass extinction are all clear indices of the wrongness of our approaches.


  • Exhibited at The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) – International Sculpture Garden  / Oude Hortus, University Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands  /  Bendigo Conservatory / Sculpture By The Sea, WA / Art Bus, Coalesce ARI / Artplay  /  Video footage shot at ArtPlay by Sarah Walker