profile pic
Kathy Holowko, Artist

  • Photograph by Mart Vaidla

There are great connections to be found in relationships to the wild animal that reveal deep cultural expression and environmental ideologies. I have begun using the specifics of place to search for narratives that explore the complexity of coexistence and create works to reconsider our world as a shared habitat.

My multi-disciplinary artistic practice has focused on art installations, sculptural works and playful projects that have often involved interactive or participatory experiences in public places. I am interested in the effects that modern urban life has upon our understanding of ecoosystems and have used the lens of the wild animal to explore this within some of these projects. I have created connections between species, looked at repetitive patterns in nature, searched for evidence of the evolution of beauty, looked to the courting rituals of birds, and to the wild urban animal. I find great beauty in making, and use the production of new artwork to seek knowledge and share.

I have recently completed a Masters of Fine Art In Utrecht, Netherlands. The research topic was called ‘Synthesis’, meaning :the creation of something by artificial means :a combination of entities. Urban co-existence was explored through the specifics of the Oostvardersplassen in the Netherlands as an example of a re-wilded nature reserve in a manufactured landscape. This artistic and written research culminated in an exhibition at BAK, Utrecht, 2016.