• 2016  /  Digital image  /  Video 5:22  /  Shot at Oostvardersplassen Nederlands


The expansive open plain was scattered with the remains of trees. Animal bones that rested between fallen logs had been picked clean and lay vibrant white in the winter landscape. I walked there with the Park Ranger. His uniform camouflage jacket included pocket habitats. He embodied coexistence, a combination of entities in which to reconsider the world as a shared habitat. A becoming that transmuted ideologies of institution and myth, blurring the territory between the imaginative, and the existing order of natural science in a real landscape.

Only the endless flatness of the land was in keeping with my notions of a Dutch landscape. That, along with the ingenuity that saw this new land rescued from the seas at a time when the worlds expanding oceans threaten the shores of low lying countries. This land once did not exist. It was conceived for industry, claimed by, and reserved for nature, squeezed into a highly populated urbanscape, both wild and manufactured.

The bones were deer, one of the few ungulates chosen to re-wild and retro-fit this experimental synthesised ecosystem. The promise of a lost wilderness also brings the challenging spectacle of death.

As the Ranger and I looked at an artist’s impression of the proposed and abandoned wildlife corridor that would have connected to other nature reserves, beyond roads, highways and railway lines, he told me ‘the dream is dead’.

Guattari, however, assures me that “Ideas do not die”.

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