image4bw1 copyI am currently concerned with the plastics that have become a part of contemporary ecological cycles, entering waterways and the food chain. I want to re-examine this human-made material, and transform it into sculpture. I have used the form of a brain to create a point of connection between plastics consumed in daily life, and the impact on ourselves, and the natural world. The brain could be human or animal … but we tend to think anthropocentrically.

I have been concerned with the material required to make outdoor sculpture, and struggled with the dilemma of wanting to make strong, durable, long lasting sculptural works on a large scale, while being sensitive to ecological cycles. Re-using existing materials such as the mountains of plastic waste currently going into landfill in alarming quantities, seemed like a no brainer!

While living in the Netherlands completing a Masters I studied under Lara Almergui and began researching this material, following the trail and visiting industrial sites. I have played with bio-plastics, and looked into how I could reconstitute existing plastics.

I have now teamed up with industry leaders in the research and development of recycling soft plastics, NewTecPoly. They have an Australian first ‘green machine’ that is successfully recycling soft plastic, including those collected from beaches by Planet Ark volunteers. I have been welcomed into the experimental phase of this material research. There are many unknowns in creating sculptural work in this material, and much experimentation required. My initial tests are on show at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery until Oct 1, 2017 as part of the Contemporary Sculptors Association 20 year Celebration (and part of the Fringe Festival).

The resulting large scale work will be exhibited at Sculpture By The Sea, Bondi 2017.