Edinburgh Gardens Plinth Project – Yarra City Council

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  • The Unsung Hero / 2019 / Edinburgh Gardens. /. City of Yarra Plinth Project.  / Photograph by J. Forsyth

The ‘Unsung Hero’ has been granted the honour of sitting atop the plinth in Edinburgh Gardens for 18 months. The offical launch and Worm Party will be held on Oct 20 between 1-3, and everyone is welcome.

The plinth is the historical site for the revered, those deemed worthy to respect, remember and admire; the coloniser, and the war hero. Meanwhile the earthworm is ignored. Silently in darkness it goes about its business, doing the important and under-rated work of creating healthy soil. Even those white men on plinths have the worm to thank for their strength and energy … in some part. The earthworm is one of the hardest working and most unrecognised members of our biotic community. It is time to honour the earthworm. Let us raise the status of the worm with this art object and give it the heroes honour that it deserves. All hail the earthworm. Earthworms, afterall, turn decaying matter into nutrients, while their burrows bring water and air deep under ground providing the right conditions for plant root growth. The presence of these workers in soil is to be valued, as they are busily reconstituting waste into plant production for food and air. The ‘unsung hero’ is a symbolic recognition of the tremendous transfer of energy undertaken by these humble animals, in our service and as part of a complex community of biological life. 

The engagement between the plinth as a cultural structure and the placement of the humble earthworm playfully deconstructs the plinth cannon and has a depth of conviction in its intention. It is a reminder that we are part of earth systems and that the labourers within these biotic communities deserve to be honoured and remembered. Urban spaces are often where the decision makers, creators and planners of our complex systems exist and therefore an important place to reconnect with the essential knowledge of ecological cycles. Circular and ecological thinking in the way we may create, make and act, will serve us well in building a positive future world. 

Wild City – Abbotsford Convent

Workshop places available for the upcoming Wild City workshop at St Helliers Gallery – click here for eventbrite link

  • Image from workshop held at Artplay. / Image by Teagan Glenane /  This project was seeded by Artplay’s New Ideas Lab

Wild City is a children’s art making workshop where they are invited to help turn a small sculptural city into thriving green metropolis, where animals share the landscape and are considered citizens of the mini urban landscape. Children will be introduced to real and inspiring stories of animal architecture, wildlife corridors, green roofs and other animal friendly ideas. Then, using their imagination and making skills they will turn the city wild! They can make sculptures, build things, and plant new habitats. There will be 4 playful sessions with children and then some of their work will be included in the collaborative sculpture that will be exhibited in the gallery until Nov 24. The Wild City Exhibition uses a playful twist on urban planning tropes (architectural models) to present an alterntive vision for our future enlivened by the imagination of children. Wild City at St Helliers Gallery is supported by the City of Yarra Small Project Grant.

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