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  • 2016 / digital images taken on location  / Video shot in Morocco / videography by Charlie Sublet and Kathy Holowko / yet to be screened  

We are drinking the same water as the dinosaurs.

This work has been a long time in the making. I never dreamed it would look like this. A video work made in another distant and dry continent. It was a long time ago that I began thinking about water, discussing and exploring the topic while at an artist residency, beside the pristine river that would eventually flow through the city I lived in. By the time it arrived there it had altered,  and morphed into something else, while still made of the same stuff … a little like this work about water, a year or so on. It is an endless cycle. At that time was shocked to see images of the skeletal remains of sea birds with their bellies full of plastic. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – it sounds like a continent, it is as big as one. It is here that the remnants of human manufacture swirl and gather on the currents of the world’s seas, forming one giant island of plastic refuse close to the remote albatross island habitat. They mistake the floating particles as food and are dying from it. Endless cycles of matter feed the world. I made a book with children that same year and tried to explain the cycle of water, how it is circular … “it’s the same water that the dinosaurs drink”, I said. What we put in, becomes part of the cycle. I have come to accept the synthesis of human made matter in our ecology but it wasn’t easy. It is good to remember the simple cycles that we are all dependant on. This video work is my way of doing that, it contains a simple cyclic poem of water shot in beautiful Moroccan streets capes. You cannot see my interventions in these photographs but they are there.