aMoment Caravan

  • 2012 / reclaimed wood, trailer, steel, found objects / 2.4 high x 1.5 x 2 meters / Photography by Sarah Walker

Built on the back of a trailer, this performance space is a tiny hideaway inside a hand-built caravan. With headphones on, those that stop for aMoment are transported into a parallel world of ample space, time and future-gazing as they step inside the somewhat magical caravan. The entire experience lasts 5 to 10 minutes and has received smiles, tears, hugs and praise in response. This beautiful and whimsical interruption to daily life was created in collaboration with theatre artist, Alex Desebrock. This poetic world on wheels has travelled far and wide.

  • exhibited at White Night / Sydney Festival / City of Melbourne / Harvest Festival / Falls Festival / The Cube – Wodonga / City of Whitehorse / City of Moreland / City of Stonnington / City of Nillumbuk – Practically Green Festival, Eltham
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