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Synthesis – episode 1

  • 2016 / digital images   / Video shot at The Oostvardersplassen, Netherlands / video and sound installation exhibition at BAK, Utrecht, Netherlands   

In this work I have camouflaged a human/animal synthesis, upon a representative of the nature conservation establishment to examine the complexities of co-existence within an urban space. The transformation expresses sanctioned co-existence with the wild animal and challenges delusions of separation. I have worked through concepts of relationships to nature through the specifics of a site of re-wilding within the Oostvardersplassen Nature Reserve in The Netherlands.

I have blurred reality and storytelling… I have used the body of the Ranger as my site of imaginative intervention within the real world of institutionalised nature conservation while referencing deities and pagan costumed rituals from European history. Today our faith lies in ourselves, with appointed representatives as guardians, backed by science.

BAK – Gallery