Searching for Evidence of the Evolution of Beauty

  • 2010 / reclaimed timber, steel, interior variable / Approx 2 x 2 x 2 metres

This work is an exploration of the momentous change of philosophical outlook that came with Darwin’s, Theory of Evolution.

A fascination for the evocative properties of natural and salvaged art materials was an integral part of the realisation of this work. Each piece of reclaimed wood is unique in its origin, colour and texture, they have all combined to create a surface that casts back a reflection of the history and potential in the detritus of urban life. Characterised by the passage of time, and the effects of natural elements, this material provided its own unique beauty and challenges. The organic form reflects a fascination for the patterning of plant design and animal skin. This work engages the viewer by inviting exploration into its intimate interior.

  • exhibited at Artecycle – Incinerator Arts Complex / Toyota Show, Port Melbourne / RMIT