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Wild City

  • ArtPlay Gallery Exhibition until May 20, 2018  / This project was seeded by City of Melbourne through ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab  /  Video by Teagan Glenane

Wild City is an arts based workshop for children where we consider wild animals as citizens in urban spaces.
The project is concerned with providing an experience for learning, making and creative expression through a series of workshops for children that are based on real environmental issues. In the workshops, I provide a miniature sculptural city and introduced children to ideas of human and animal architecture and show hybrid examples of co-existence. The children then draw, plant and construct their ideas onto the mini city turning it into a lush green space that includes animal habitat. The city becomes a hybrid of human and animal habitat. The children’s work is curated into a collaborative exhibition piece where children’s ideas about creating animal habitats in urban spaces and cities are expressed. The video below captured the first series of workshops with descriptions of what the children made and why it was important to them.

I was able to engage 15 Melbourne based urban ecologists, researchers and conservationists in the creation and delivery of this project. This clarified ideas on what challenges wild animals encounter in ever expanding human landscapes, and how these issues are currently being tackled. These specialists helped me to further my research in urban co-existence with the wild animal and connect it to the specifics of Melbourne. Many of them actively participated in the workshops with children, delivering interesting talks on species that live in the area and what they require as habitat.

Please contact me if your school or community group wishes to hire/engage with this work.
Wild City was developed for ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab, supported by the City of Melbourne.

Wild City has been exhibited in the ‘Art for Social Change’ exhibition at Incinerator Gallery where it won the peoples choice award.

Here is a link to the longer video (shown in the gallery)   Wild City Video – 7 mins    or watch the wrap up video below